2021 China International Construction Trade Expo (China Construction Expo-Shanghai)

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Time 2021-03-24 - 2021-03-26
City Xi'an
Address National Exhibition Center
Hallname National Exhibition Center
Sponsor China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation
Undertaker China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation Red Star Macalline

The Shanghai Construction Expo will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from March 24-26, 2021. It will be hosted by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation. The scope of participation covers kitchens, wardrobes, doors and windows, bathroom, hardware, paint, wallpaper, Various building materials such as wood products. In order to meet the market demand of exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad, since 2015, the China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo ("Guangzhou Construction Expo") will be upgraded from "Meeting in Guangzhou once a year" to "Two sessions a year, Shanghai and Guangzhou two exhibitions" brand new pattern.

Introduction to the exhibition:
1. Innovate a new pattern and open new milestones In
order to meet the market needs of exhibitors and purchasers at home and abroad, since 2015, the China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo (referred to as "China Construction Expo"), It will be upgraded from "Meeting in Guangzhou once a year" to a brand-new pattern of "Twice a year, Shanghai and Guangzhou exhibitions". "High-rise building, wonderful twin cities," March·Shanghai Construction Expo July·Guangzhou Construction Expo! "Integrated + Professional" provides overall solutions for the architectural decoration industry

2. Combination of strong and powerful, creating a precedent
-creating a China Types of top-level exhibitions, the first of its kind to organize exhibitions
● The most influential and scaled architectural decoration industry-China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)
● The most influential in the kitchen and bathroom field-Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition
relies on the unparalleled resource advantages of the two major exhibitions , To jointly build a broader economic and trade cooperation platform for the vast number of domestic and foreign merchants, and deduct an unparalleled industry feast!

based in Shanghai, radiating Schindler's global coverage ●Shanghai—International Economic Center, International Financial Center, International Shipping Center, International Trade Center.
●Shanghai, as the center of seven provinces in East China, currently has more than 200 professional building materials markets, radiating the Yangtze River Delta region and even the national building materials market.
●Shanghai gathers more than 450 multinational corporate headquarters, and has become a gathering place for domestic and foreign corporate headquarters and trade institutions. It is a high-end business center serving the Yangtze River Delta region, serving the whole country, and serving the world.
4. National exhibition hall, world-class business exchange platform
●National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)-the Ministry of Commerce of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government are co-constructed. Convenient transportation—Located in the west of the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao Business District, close to Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao Airport, the surrounding expressway network extends in all directions.
●Unlimited business opportunities—based on the Yangtze River Delta, with influence radiating to China and the world, it is a strong support for the long-term development of Shanghai Construction Expo!
●The world's leading-500,000 square meters of exhibition space, is currently the world's largest and most competitive exhibition complex.

【Scope of Exhibition】

Customized Home Furnishing: High-end whole house customization; integrated wardrobe, cloakroom, bedroom system; dining room system; customized furniture; integrated cabinet, integrated kitchen, smart kitchen; integrated stove; gas stove, range hood, baking equipment, water heater, disinfection and cleaning equipment , Garbage disposer and all kinds of kitchen appliances, partition doors, mobile compartments, sliding doors; wardrobe system door panels, panels and other auxiliary materials; product design software, production software and other
overall soft decoration: curtains, fabric sofas, soft beds, carpets , Wallpaper wall covering, home accessories, decorations, home textile fabric design,
etc.Integrated customization: integrated ceiling, integrated wall, quick-installed wall panel, top wall integration, full roof, integrated home,
etc.Bathrooms: integrated bathroom, shower room, bathroom cabinet, Bathtubs, toilets, trays, bathroom hardware, accessories, bathroom mirrors, water heaters, heaters and other
machinery: edge banding machines, wood processing, engraving machines, drying equipment, spraying equipment, glass machinery, knives, saw blades,
Smart homes such as printing equipment : smart home systems, platforms and hardware, smart switches and electrical products, smart central control systems and lighting equipment, smart security and control systems, access control intercom systems, smart door control equipment, home air purification and fresh air
Smart locks such as equipment, smart speakers, home audio-visual systems, smart appliances, household robots, water purification equipment, etc .: cloud locks, smart locks, password locks, Bluetooth locks, face recognition locks, vein recognition locks, palm print locks, smart lock solutions , Identification module, lock body and accessories, handle and lock panel, lock core and other related lock accessories, testing equipment and other
clothes drying systems: smart clothes drying system, electric clothes drying machine, hand-operated clothes drying machine, floor drying rack,
Architectural decorative hardware such as balcony electrical appliances and household products, household ladders, motors and electric solutions, related accessories and software products : decorative hardware, household hardware and accessories, door locks and accessories, door control hardware and accessories, safes and related products, Bathroom hardware, glass hardware, access control electronic systems and accessories, partitions and accessories, furniture hardware, hardware tools, hardware molds,
etc.System doors and windows: aluminum doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, system doors and windows, sun rooms,
etc.Aluminum alloy doors and windows: sliding doors, heavy-duty Sliding doors, swing doors, hanging doors, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, sun rooms, automatic doors, ecological doors, etc.
New building materials: fresh air system, soft film ceiling, aluminum plate, lead plate, point type, unit, metal curtain wall, curtain wall accessories, sunshine board, plaster products and other
artistic glass doors, smart sunshade, high-end door and window accessories, glass, screens: artistic glass doors , Awnings, sunshade curtains, sun rooms, high-end door and window accessories, bathroom doors, glass, screens, etc.
Smart doors and windows, all aluminum customization: intelligent control systems, all aluminum homes, aluminum and other
door and window accessories, new building materials: hardware accessories: locks, Hinges, roller skates, tools, machinery, profiled panels, doors and windows, sliding doors, etc.; decorative accessories: glass, signs, door decorations, paint, wood grain paper, film, software, etc.; new wall materials, new waterproof sealing materials, New thermal insulation materials, new decoration materials and other
wooden doors and whole wood decoration: whole wood decoration, solid wood customization system, overall wood work; log doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, ecological doors, molded doors, bamboo doors, oak doors Other
villa decoration customization: whole copper home decoration, copper doors, aluminum art, iron art, villa doors, armored doors, stainless steel doors, fire doors, security doors, high-end entrance doors, stairs, courtyard guardrails, etc.; wood products, wood plastic products,
High-end wall coating such as anti-toxic wood, wooden structure, floor paving materials, environmentally friendly new building materials, garden landscape, etc .: latex paint, art paint, diatom mud, waterproof paint, anti-corrosion paint, water-based paint, interior and exterior wall paint, furniture paint, Wooden paint, construction coatings, painting auxiliary materials and tools, etc.

【Exhibition Fees】

Standard booth RMB 1460 yuan/square meter vacant space RMB 1060 yuan/square meter
1. Standard booth: each size is 3 meters × 3 meters; basic configuration includes: 1 Chinese and English fascia board, 3 side panels, 2 folding chairs , 1 negotiation table, 2 fluorescent tubes, 1 220-volt socket (limited to 750 watts of non-lighting electricity)
2. Open space: 36 square meters minimum; no configuration is provided; the price of the open space includes construction management fees.

1. For companies that require formal industrial and commercial registration, the business license must be consistent with that of the exhibiting company and within the validity period.
2. The exhibits must be related to the theme of the exhibition;
3. Other required conditions required by laws and regulations must be met.
Exhibition ordering process
1. Submit application: Submit the exhibition registration form, clarify the participation/visit intention. Download the registration form or ask the staff.
2. Acceptance of applications: application materials that meet the requirements of the exhibition will be accepted. (1-3 working days).
3. Booth selecion: select the reserved booth according to the optional booth map.
4. Signing the contract: According to the booth price and clarify their rights and obligations, both parties will sign and sign.
5. Payment: After confirming the booth, pay according to the exhibition subscription agreement.
Application materials
Copy of business license Product photos Exhibition registration form
Participation process
1. Booth reservation: Determine the exhibition booth and pay.
2. Prepare samples: prepare samples that need to be exhibited at the exhibition site.
3. Exhibit logistics: usually the logistics ends 2 months before the exhibition, and most of them choose sea transportation.
4. Personnel visa: According to the visa time of different countries, apply for a visa at the latest one month before the exhibition.
5. Scheduled itinerary: Book airline tickets and hotels and other business services, or directly book all-inclusive overseas services from Gozhan.com.
6. Departure for the exhibition: take an international flight to participate in the participating city.
Rights and Obligations
1. Exhibitors that meet the legal requirements, the applicants have the right to know the participation process.
2. The applicant enterprise has the right to request the implementing agency to explain and explain the disclosed content.
3. The applicant enterprise has the right to consult, handle progress inquiries, and complain during the handling process.
4. The applicant enterprise has the right to apply for administrative litigation if it disagrees with the result of the handling process.

Way to contact
Contact:Mr. Zhou
Address:Guangzhou zhuhai of guangdong province Newport east road no. 980 Canton fair pavilion area C 16th A layer
QQ: [email protected]
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