The 100th PLUS Chinese fair labor protection products

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Time 2021-04-14 - 2021-04-17
City Shanghai
Address The 100th PLUS Chinese fair labor protection products
Hallname Shanghai new international expo center E1 ~ E7 pavilion
Sponsor China textile commerce association
Undertaker Spinning league (Beijing) exhibition co., LTD
about the organizer, China textile commerce association is in under the guidance of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, with legal person status of non-profit national industry organization.

China association for labor protection supplies fair is on show national fair held since 1966, a year two annual spring and autumn, spring will be fixed in Shanghai, the fall will be for the exhibition, the current one has more than 1500 companies, exhibition area of more than 70000 square meters, more than 25000 professional visitors.

about labor protection articles to protect workers' life safety and occupational health safety in production is the most basic, the most profound connotation, is the core of the essence of safe production. In the process of production, must insist on the principle of "people-oriented". In all production and security relationship, put safety first, safety must be in the first place. Labor protection articles (also known as the "individual protective equipment", international "PPE") is to show laborer is in the production process to avoid or reduce the accident injury or occupational hazards are equipped with a protective gear, cut off through adopting, close, absorb, the measure such as dispersive, in suspension, partial or all of that can rise to protect airframe from foreign invasion, under certain condition, use individual protective equipment is main preventive measure. The PPE products are divided into general labor protection articles and special labor protection articles.

about exhibits category head protection, face protection, eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, foot protection, body protection, high safety, inspection monitoring equipment, safety warning and related protection equipment, product certification, safety training, etc.

Low exhibition range

Bring about individual protective equipment (the head, face, hands full protective equipment, protective clothing, prevent falling supplies, respiratory protective devices, life-saving supplies, etc.)

Bring professional clothing and materials (flame retardant, antistatic, water-and oil-repellent, tooling, etc.)

Bring about production safety monitoring instrument (radiation and microwave, static, noise, dust, poison, etc all kinds of monitoring instrument)

Bring about safety production equipment (traffic safety production equipment, mine safety equipment, oil worker safety equipment, mechanical safety protection devices, construction safety equipment, electric power safety protective equipment, safety testing and monitoring equipment, emergency rescue equipment, fire equipment, etc.)

Bring about production safety science and technology advisory training, labor protection technology exchange seminars, industry media, evaluation of certification bodies, etc

Way to contact
Contact:Zeng Ling
QQ: 1948353694
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