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     Linyi friend woodworking machine system group is located in Linyi city ,known as "the biggest market & base of man made panel and board "in China, with rich experience and professional high level design & producing team, based on client's requirement ,try to get mutual benefit with every client together.
We specialize in whole system machinery of plywood plant& HDF/MDF board plant, Particle board board plant, based on thousands of man made panel factories, we have more than 400 experienced machinery engineers , designers , mechanicians , electricians and workers , by more than 20 years development, we have MDF production line series ,Particle board production line series,plywood plant series, belt sander line/plant series, melamine press (short cycle)plant , heating system (boiler) and all kinds man made board equipments. also we can produce the customize machine as client's special order, we can give best and complete design and solution after client... [Detailed introduction]
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