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Linyi Sanchao Abrasives Co., Ltd.

flap disc, flap wheel, mop wheel, sanding belt

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Normal Style Calcined Flap Disc Manufacturer
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Product: Normal Style Calcined Flap Disc Manufacturer 
Brand: sanchao
Size: 100x16mm
Grit size: 40-600
Abrasive: Calcined
Valid Date: 2020-10-20 [expired]
Last update: 2017-09-29 10:05
Detailed information

seline;">This item is made of resin abrasive cloth material made of a polishing abrasives and

seline;">electric tools pneumatic tools supporting the use, can be of various workpiece grinding

seline;">and polishing, applicable to ships, automobiles, light industry, metal furniture, stainless

seline;">steel, metal products and other industries product surface polishing.

product name:

flap disc

number of abrasive cloth 72 pages
packaging 20pcs/shrink, 400pcs/ctn or as per clients' requirement.
adhesive syntthetic resin
size range 100*16mm 115*22mm 125*22mm 150*22mm 180*22mm
grit P40-P400
lid Fiberglass/Plastic
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