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Shandong Sanxing Building Materials Co. Ltd

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Sanxing Building Materials Co., Ltd, founded in 2001, located in the important industrial and trade city of East China-the city if Linyi in Shandong Province, is a governing member unit of China Building Material Industry Association and a member of the Economic Club of Linyi City. Sanxing is among a small number domestic aluminum-plastic-plate(ACPCP)-producing enterprises which have got the ISO9001 international quality system and the ISO 14001 international environment manage system certificates. The company has 3 domestic-produced high-precision APCP production lines and two Japan-imported wide breadth production lines with the total capacity of high-density APCP board 6 million square meters and the sales of nearly 500 million Yuan. Sanxing holds the concept that “market competition, oriented by quality”, and run the company under the oath of “Quality molds brand.” The registered trademark “Xiaxing” APCP board, which were sold to the major domestic cities and such foreign countries as Russia, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and so on, has shared high visibility in the domestic construction and decoration market and received many foreign curtain & wall experts approbation. Our products are qualified in the consecutive six-year building materials tests and gain “green environment protection materials” of the National Construction Materials Testing Center. Meanwhile, the company was entitled “AAA-class quality credible enterprise” by National Building Materials Circulation Association. In 2003, Sanxing was approved “ Civilized Youth” enterprise by the Communist Youth League of Linyi City Committee and the Trade & Industry Bureau of Linyi City.

Time never turns. In the face of new realities, Sanxing Building Material Ltd., with tremendous confidence, numerous diligences, superb production technics, advanced technology and equipment, and convenient after-sales service, cooperates with all colleagues in the industry to make for a more brilliant tomorrow.

Name: Shandong Sanxing Building Materials Co. Ltd Type: Business units (The manufacturer)
Area: China/Shandong Scale:
Capital: not filled Born: 2001
Mode: The manufacturer
Business: building material
Supply: building decoration material
Home, Lights & Construction
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